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BOILING LOBSTER: Bring a full pot of salted water (optimally ocean water) to a rolling boil. Place lobsters head first into pot. When water begins to boil again, cover and time carefully (see cooking time below). 

STEAMING LOBSTER: Place steel rack in bottom of pot (if possible). Add water, 

How to get the meat out of a lobster in just over a minute.

1 - 1 1/2 inches deep, in bottom of pot. Lightly salt water and bring to a full boil. Place lobsters on rack, no more than two deep. When water begins to boil again, cover and follow cooking times below.

MICROWAVING LOBSTER: Always use 100% power. If in doubt, undercook, look, then cook again. Always allow some time before removing wrap or cover. Let stand for temperature to permeate throughout piece. If oven is not equipped with carrousel, turn dish around halfway through cooking. For a 1/4 lb. lobster, the cook-in-a-bag method gives the best results. Place the live lobster in the bag. Twist bag-open end closed-tuck ends down in a dish. (Most likely bag will be punctured by some of the prickly lobster shell.) Cook for 8 minutes at 100% power. Let stand at least 5 minutes before opening bag.


Chef Michael Smith heads out to sea with Francis Morrissey to harvest lobster off Seacow Pond, Prince Edward Island . He then heads to Royal Star foods where Chef Michael tries to beat the fastest shucker in the plant!
  • Remove the “rubber” bands before boiling/steaming (unless you like the flavour of rubber?) 
  • With with sea salt, make the water “taste like” ocean water (preferably use actual sea water) 
  • When cooked, keep them belly side up (keeps juices within the shell and meat moist)
  • Run under the tap or plunge momentarily in cold water to “stop the cook”
  • You can lift and gently tug the tentacle to tell if the lobster is ready
  • Commonly, the legs are left over. Trust us, remove everyones legs and put in the fridge for a snack
  • Peel or slice the back of the tail meat with a knife, to clean out the anal tract or “chitter vein” 
  • Start timer when the water comes “back to a boil”

Canners 11 min. 8-9 min.
11/4 lbs. 12 min. 9-10 min.
11/2 - 13/4 lbs. 15 min. 12 min.
2 lbs. 18 min. 15 min.
3 lbs. 25-30 min. 25 min.







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