Remember what time you went to bed last night and what time you got up this morning. Complete this after 7:00pm / no later than midnight, every night. The info goes directly to XL document. See your progress after 30 days. in spreadsheet.

ie: Jan 1/17 10pm
Try to get on a scale every Sunday
Summary. Yup Nope
1 - 5 Stars. 5 being BEST MOOD
1 - 5 Stars. 5 being WORST ANXIETY EVER
1 - 5 Stars. 5 being MOST irritable "shit hit fan"
Summarise. Weights/Shovelled/Stretch
Summarise. Skip - Run - Skate - Swim
Summarise. App HEADSPACE
Summarise what you ate. Good / Bad
8 x 8 oz glasses of water per day
Personal Hygiene
Did I learn for an hour
Did I organize for an hour
Did I make money today?