Rebranding the lobster industry one “band” at a time

March 14, 2014 - Aquaculture News

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Canadian Atlantic Lobster, Inc. also known as CAL is a new initiative that is working alongside our local lobster fishermen and the Canadian fishing industry to do a “system reset” for our east coast economy and communities. The organization recognizes that working together and clearly branding all Canadian lobster sold worldwide will increase awareness of the superior product and exactly where it is coming from.

The founder of CAL, IncPatrick Swim explains that they’ve created bands that are food safe and have no smell to replace the rubber bands that have been used for over 35 years. “Not everyone in the world knows how to properly cook a lobster. Many people throw them in the pot, rubber bands on and all, as we know this can affect the smell and taste. Our bands not only have no smell or taste when cooked, but they also proudly showcase our world-class logo and domain with the prominent Canadianmaple leaf. There’s no mistaking where these guys came from,” says founder Patrick Swim.

Canada sells a huge percentage of their best live lobster to the United States who turns around and markets them around the world as Maine or “Boston lobster”, a product of the USA. The new branded bands around the Canadian lobsters’ claws is just one of the ways CAL is trying to reclaim our product and the hard work of our local fishers and industry participants.

CAL has created tags for these premium lobsters that takes the traceable tag to the next level. The CAL Triple Eh!TM Tags, “Triple A” with regards to quality, are dye cut and shaped like a lobster claw. Cutely designed, people around the world will likely show them off to friends and family scanning the QR Code that will show a micro site, profile and short video highlighting the fishery and community of one of the 42 lobster fishing areas in Atlantic Canada. Only the members/owners of CAL that are certified through their online process that is in development will be able to use the Triple Eh!TM Tags.

The company is also in the process of trying to make Canada Day, Lobster Day. “Let’s make lobster hip and fun as it should be and celebrated by Canadians at 5 times a year if we can”, said Patrick Swim.

Patrick Swim grew up in a family of lobster dealers and fishers with his roots on Cape Sable Island in Shelburne. He knows that for the organization to be successful, it must build relationships and work together with all the participants from the fishers to the plant workers, processors and exporters to revitalize the Canadian lobster industry and bring it into the 21st century.

The industry is keeps looking inward and we need to start stepping outside and look in – that is what CAL and the team is doing” Clinton Pendleton – Fisherman in Grand Manan,

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