Industry Legend Francis Morrissey Charts our Lobster Marketing Course 2014

We could NOT GET a more authoritative advocate for what the lobster industry currently needs. Having just gone through a strike on the wharves throughout Atlantic Canada with a $3.25/lb. shore price. It is the job of & CAL as The Social Media Voice of the industry to network worldwide and let the away markets know, lobsters are low priced. In turn, this will create a frenzy for lobster, and shift supply and demand.  

All boats shall rise with the tide - if we have anything to do with it. Passion and perseverance. $1.00 more per pound will be over $150M unlocked for the east coast of Canada's economy. The world has become a very very small place. will rise up from the bottom of the ocean floor where it is today. The law of attraction and reciprocation. THEN we run into Francis and he speaks here, we happen to hold up the iPhone and the Skipper going on to tell his perspective on things and we were so excited we nearly fell out of our chairs. Oh Captain My Captain!