Marine Workboat Show Interview - Moncton

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We attended in 2014 and got the lay of the land with a plan to exhibit in 2016 

The time came and we pulled the trigger. A hustle to get "out there" and show our wears at the show to the industry and Lobster Fishers themselves

It was amazing. What a RUSH! The mad hustle to get out and shake the hands of like minded folks, the Fishers who were excited about what we are doing. 

We did some contra dealings, sold memberships, sold some clothing and obtained investment while got a multitude of commitments for our Triple Eh! Claw Bands. Stay Tuned! 

As it happened. The best show that Master Promotions has done to date with OVER 5,000 attendees! No doubt as a direct result/reaction of our social media action! A collaborative push to get the industry participants attending. We did several email blasts to our +8,000 constituency database and posts to our over +14,000 social media followers. Promoting to come see us at the show and check out the Lobster Roller Motorcycle. "Hand crafted" for Shediac Lobster Shop by the artisan Timmo Richard. 

Lloyd d'Eon of

Gilles from Shediac Lobster Shop came through in an incredible way with having the fortitude, trust and faith in us to seize a co-promotion opportunity. He allowed us to use his custom lobster motorcycle at our booth that was no doubt, a show stopper. 1000's of photo's taken AND SHARED through social media. Now THAT'S marketing and advertising!

Shediac Lobster Shop has by all rights put their money where their mouths are over the many years (Since 1952), in the promotion of Canadian Lobster. "For every action, there is a reaction" and "what goes around comes" so we returned the favour by gifting Gilles a stake as a shareholder in Canadian Atlantic Lobster, Inc and 

 Jonathan Macinnis.  CTV News

 Jonathan Macinnis. CTV News

We managed to be enough of an attraction to be featured on CTV News and interviewed by Jonathan Macinnis. He did a great job for us, the show, the other vendors. An amazing guy that does it all. Very talented.




Marc Andre' Robicheau of Enterprises Shippagan 

In that short featured highlight on the CTV evening news, Marc Andre' Robicheau of Enterprises Shippagan, caught in the crowd, networking at his trade show booth.

He and his father Gilles being, along with industry legend Vernon d'Eon himself, all shareholders in and Canadian Atlantic Lobster, Inc. 

Timmo Richard - Mad Squirrel Leather Shop

Timmo Richard - Mad Squirrel Leather Shop