Facebook.com/Canadian Lobster Launch January 2010

Started on a whim - we've reached millions with our video's, pictures, stories, news and postings. We've had over 187,000 views of ONE FACEBOOK POST! Today, 2015 - we have over 11,000 Facebook constituents and growing every day. 

Canadian Atlantic Lobster (♥CAL) is a consortium of dedicated folks with a passion for the lobster, the people, our coastline and the industry.

CAL has been facilitating a "grass roots" initiative, that from day one, set out to improve the industry for those that participate in it. 

Through the world class domain and brand www.lobster.ca we are organically marketing and educating folks here and abroad on "All Things Lobster". 

We have devised a plan to unite our industry, our region and our country of Canada. In doing so, we will tie together the various components from the harvesters, thru the value chain to end consumers around the world.

We are the social voice for Canadian Atlantic Lobster. As a forum for open discussion, we are a catalyst for solutions and improvements within the industry. 

Check in regularly - tell us what you think. Voice your opinion with comments and posts of your own! Like us, Share us and possibly Win from time to time as we have an array of corporate supporters throughout Atlantic Canada that tend to send us things to give away as prizes. 

We love when you upload your pictures, videos and links!

Feel free to email us something if you wish a post to be anonymous. 


As they say; "a rising tide lifts all boats".