Corporate Crowd-Funding

Our business is based on the cooperative model.

We're here "making a splash" VIA our ambassador and king of seafood. Our mantra as always, "a rising tide lifts all boats". 

We have been a catalyst as you can see and learn more about within our +45 Blog Posts, to improve and protect our industry and resource. Since conception and today, CAL, Inc and is a grass roots initiative.

This is LobsterLand and we are "Corporate Crowdfunding" to push for the greater good of the lobster industry participants and our the coastal communities. We are thankful to those who have gotten us this far! Thank You!

We are marketing for and with the Lobster Dealers, Restaurants, Retailers, Processors and Exporters, that combined with the Fisherman, are a work force of well over 30,000 people. Therefore, they survive as a result of lobster being enjoyed. And our mandate is to have people come from around the world to visit HERE to enjoy our lobster along with all of the offerings the Maritime provinces have. We assure you that is a crucial part of the Lobster and Tourism industries future.

We greatly appreciate the support from local businesses that have contributed with a small portion of their advertising budget. We always encourage new business that "has salt in its veins" to participate. If your business fits the bill for the Tourist demographic, you can be listed on the website FOR FREE.