We call it... "Lobsterpreneurship" ​​​​​​​for 2018


  • We have been emersed the lobster industry Since 1896
  • We are the SOCIAL MEDIA VOICE with All Things Lobster showcasing LobsterLand 
  • We are the PLATFORM to allow ALL lobster industry participants to unite as a Buying Group
  • We are the PLATFORM to allow ALL lobster industry participants to unite as Marketing Collective
  • We are BANDING and BRANDING lobster, with a REVOLUTIONARY silicone (tasteless & reusable) claw-band
  • We are offering TRACEABILITY to the area's in which the lobsters were harvested, educating and offering opportunities
  • We are getting the world saying to themselves; "I LOVE LOBSTER" 
  • We are directing folks around the world to amazing lobster DINING EXPERIENCES 
  • We are promoting the product, fishery, and the all of the integrated businesses 
  • We are all about PUSH lobster and PULL tourism and innovation From Long Island to Labrador... 

So, we thought long and hard... and we've been beating the drum for many years about Canadian lobster being sold as Maine or Boston or Product of the USA. We thought we'd "Take the high road" as it's simply our nature as Canadians. We think it's smart that we join hands with our American Brothers that handle the same or very similar product an try to find the balance...

As Lobster.ca we're perhaps "Crazy Canucks" but we're making some changes to the website to launch in the new year. The fact is, there's a GREAT deal of politics and trade policies. Things are changing. We have to work together for sure. Stay tuned for future Vlog & Blog posts along with news and initiatives that we are in pursuit of... Banding & Branding Together... 

The lobster industry in its entirety is a Brotherhood with the Fishers to Dealers, processors and exporters. We DO VERY MUCH have to put a stop to lobster being frozen whole and shipped to China for processing. We also have to take a proactive approach to shining positive lights when the negative comes out, like Sweden and Switzerland issues that need to be collectively addressed.
— Lobster.ca

Long Island to Labrador