The Rubber Band "Major Flaw" of the Lobster Industry

Think about it! DO YOU prepare your broccoli or carrots with a rubber band on????? NO - that would be ridiculous! Right??? But people, even Chefs, all too often boil or steam their lobster with the "deliciously flavoursome" rubber-bands on the claws. Removing them "after the cook". 

We have posted pictures on over the years, of cooked lobsters with rubber bands on and we've gotten some really nasty comments, predominantly from the true experts, lobster fishers and their family members that know better. 

There is no question, that rubber smells more when you "raise the temperature" and it most certainly leaves a rubbery taste in the water. Yes, a pungent residue in the water that the lobster cooks a soaks in. Thus, their is this slight taste. We find it is especially in the claw meat and the tomalley is un-edible. 

Band Samples with various Brands.

Band Samples with various Brands.

We believe, the human mind recognizes that rubber flavour, but does not address it or voice their distain. Mainly, because the deliciousness outweighs that "hint" of a yucky rubber taste. The sweetness, the saltiness, on top of the garlic and butter. However, their is that subconscious that leaves the table and experience with a slight aftertaste and that's just wrong.   

The trouble is, most people are scared of taking a live lobster and putting it alive, into boiling water. Lobsters can very quickly and easily grab ahold of a finger and WOW does it every hurt!!!

The Solution! We created a no rubbery smell, no rubbery taste, food grade, silicone claw band. Vibrantly printed with the brand and a traceability code ENTER TO WIN!.