We Got Funded By NRC for Band Development with DAL

On the path to perfection!


We're SO elated to have, for the first time ever, ask and to have been approved for funding. Our quest is to further perfect THE PERFECT LOBSTER CLAW BAND with the help of Matt d'Entremont, Dalhousie and the IRAP program. 

National Research Council Canada
Industry Liaison and Innovation

We can't say enough "positive" about Matt, and working together thus far. We feel, its simply amazing, that perhaps GOD brought us together to collaborate. He's "the science" behind Lobsterpreneurship as he's been involved with several projects related to the CANI (constant and never-ending improvement), of the lobster and fishing industry. Having received awards for his Bait Saver to the development of various projects with Clearwater and several other innovators, where he leant his skills to simply, "make things better" and more efficient. 

There is SO much potential and as Lobster.ca pushes forward to further hone in on our various business silo's. First and foremost, a catalyst for improvement and innovation while being the Marketing Agency and Platform for unlocking the potential of the lobster industry, starting with the Claw-Band and our mantra "Banding & Branding Together". 

Our aspiration is that, in Spring 2018, Matt and the teams, aligned with our manufacturer will be importing our first container load of 20 million branded bands to distribute to Dealers and Fishers.   

This was a study done in 1981 that developed the "rubber" band. As you can see in other Blog posts, a major industry Flaw. But, we're on track to revolutionize things.  


It's really a simple evolution from the PLUG to NOW 

Stay tuned for our future Blog Posts, VLOG and Video updates regarding the entire process with bands, Banding & Branding Together, Marketing initiatives and our other projects! Thanks!