Dear Captain Morgan!

Oh Captain My Captain

Well Well Well. 

First off... we have "responsibly" enjoyed your products over the years. As have MANY of our Fisher friends, lobster industry participants (+60,000 strong) along with the billions of lobster lovers around the world. 

Secondly, we enjoyed your "Fluffy The Lobster" commercial. Would you believe that, our Captain, Patrick J. Swim, AKA: "The LobsterMan", lived at 6678 Falkland Street from 1998 to 2000. YES, that was his front door!

Slice of the Maritimes through the eyes of Captain Morgan. 6678 Falkland Street, Halifax. Our CAPTAINS, old abode. 

So, what are the "serendipitous" ODDS that Captain Morgan did a collaborative marketing campaign in 2015, with an East Coast Lifestyle / Captain Morgan "Lobster T-Shirts" was given away with purchases.

Now, what gets us is... The fact that the Lobster featured, had showcased our Claw Bands with the words FLUGGY and CAPTAIN MORGAN. 

Would it not seem to you whom is reading this, that it would make perfect sense to actually create, distribute and have "actual" branded claw bands put on lobsters that are travelling billboards worldwide. No brainer right? Ask Phil Otto from Revolve or any MAD MAN in NYC, this makes complete and utter sense. Captains and Crews banding their lobster with and a traceability code on one side, and a Captain Morgan "tiny billboard" and TBA component on the other side. 

We are excited to be working on samples, in order to put on lobsters in 2018 and send to the Marketing Heads of Captain Morgan.  Our aspiration is of course that they "Claw Into" the opportunity and take advantage of the several advertising impressions of the lobsters through the value chain. From the boats to the table of their target demographic throughout the world.  

Looking for any help that we can get with our mission. Please stay tuned for future updates. Cheers!