East Coast Lifestyle Viral Video Promo with #5Gum

Eat two foods that don’t go together

We got a text message from Alex Maclean of East Coast Lifestyle; "Need to shoot a video out on a lobster boat, can you make that happen?"

Two days later, we were out with Reg Hartlen and his son, Captain Craig on the Fishem Not Wishem. Seamlessly, we facilitated Alex and his "first week on the job" videographer, Auston Hermes to arrive 10:00am at Fisherman's Cove, in the Eastern Passage. A few hours out hauling some traps from the mouth of the Halifax Harbour and we got some great footage with the handheld as well as the drone.

A "close call" with the drone took place (almost lost er overboard), but Alex was super grateful and the video and various shorts leading up to its launch, received 100's of the 1000's of views between Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Which was a great promotion for the lobster industry! A "positive" campaign as all too often, there's negative news that clouds a lobster industry. 

We aim to create much, much more positive light for years and generations to come. These are a few pics that we posted on social media for the 5 Gum video.   

Neither of us copied one another. But "somehow" mutual design concepts. Uncanny eh! 

Neither of us copied one another. But "somehow" mutual design concepts. Uncanny eh! 

Taking note. East Coast Lifestyle has been massively supported and visa versa, has supported the lobster industry. For going on now 4 years they have been a major sponsor of the Shelburne County Lobster Festival. They did their own lobster shirt 2014, months prior, Alex reached out to @Lobster.ca VIA Facebook looking to collaborate. They went ahead and did one. It was good and proudly worn by MANY lobster industry participants and lobster lovers. THEN, they did a collaboration with #CaptainMorgan and when you bought Rum, a lobster T-Shirt was attached. More good and positive PR for the lobster industry, which is great. Meanwhile, on the shirt, the lobster features a Branded Claw Band. Which is what CAL and Lobster.ca is developing to alter the major industry flaw with the stinky and yucky flavoured, "rubber" band developed in 1981.

Essentially, we are proud of the past and super stoked for future collaborations. East Coast Lifestyle has also done a Lobster Hat, which we've posted several times, given away as a prize on our social media and we wear ourselves proudly. They have an amazing lobster carving as tall as Michael Jordan and wide as a VW Bus, in their retail shop @ Pier 21. Also, a lobster pillow which we too feature a link to in for sale, on Lobster.ca in the Re-Tail and we HAD to get one of those for our friend in Yarmouth, Bill Hood AKA: "LobsterLand Bill". 

As well, we're working on "perfecting" the branded Claw Band with a tech component and once we do, we will be approaching ECLS again, for a PO to buy bands with their brand on them. How amazing would that be! A million claw bands with East Coast Lifestyle circulating the world on The King Of Seafood. Promoting Lobster, our lifestyle and Tourism.

Stay tuned for future developments and we fight the fight, with passion and determination... Lobsterpreneurship at its finest!