Welcome 2018. The change to BAND TOGETHER Canada & the USA

This January 8th, 2018. Elvis's Birthday. 

"What would Elvis Do?"

Perhaps "Crazy Canucks" but, we thought long and hard... and we've been beating the drum for many years about Canadian lobster being better, and crying the blues, that ours are often sold as Maine or Boston or "Product of the USA". Now that's a slippery slope and in many ways, not always all together true or fair. 

We thought we'd "take the high road" as it's simply our nature as Canadians. We think it's smart business and smart trade relations, where we change the messaging and work together in a marketing collaborative. Letting the world know, that there are all kinds of different lobsters but they are ALL AMAZING... and it is in fact, the best food in the world! 

If we as Canadians, join hands with our American Brothers and Sisters, that handle in many ways, the same or very similar product and together, we find the balance... It could, at the end of the day be good for one and all. 

The mandate being, with our business model, to PUSH lobster and PULL tourism. Now, in 2018, to ALL of our coastal communities from Long Island to Labrador. Bridged now by a Ferry from Maine to South West Nova Scotia. Portland to Yarmouth  

As Lobster.ca - with a traceability element with the claw bands, that people can get educated AND allow us to build a social media relationship. In essence, converting a $10 or $20 lobster into a $10,000 or $20,000 family coming for adventures and touring our coastlines. Pretty simple. 

The Canada and the USA brand for lobster

The Provincial Brands

The State Brands