New Brunswick Brand & HQ's

We LOVE New Brunswick as both a beautiful destination to visit, and an "Opportunity Province". We've felt nothing but positive energy in our dealings to date, with the lobster industry, the fishing families that have come on-side, the product and service providers, our new partnerships that we have formed, old and new relationships, and the Provincial Government leaders that we met on the last visit. An amazing youthful Premier (33) Brian Gallant, whom when we met at the Rogers event "Hometown Hockey" in Fredericton. The Premier of NB was actually signing autographs! We thought that to be incredible. He's truly loved by his constituents. Very impressive! If you think about it, he and Justin Trudeau are setting the standard for global politics. 

There's simply a sense of greatness happening there. It's as if we are on the cusp of amazing things formulating and are about to take place in the the coming months and years. Good news for the people and businesses, all who live and work in the wonderful New Brunswick!

By way of Jimmy Flynn's long time friend and Minister, Brian Kenny. We ran up to Fredericton to meet with Minister of Fisheries, Rick Doucette. The meeting was about branding New Brunswick with our vibrant game changing claw bands and the traceability program. (Enter #164 on to experience the Beta Platform and perhaps WIN!). The other "hot topic" on the agenda was, our initiative to have the Worlds Biggest Lobster in the Worlds Biggest Kitchen! We will update you here on our Blog, with further developments as we move forward. Crawl - Walk - Run. While, prior to this visit, the illustrious Minister Brian Kenny, had both Jimmy Flynn and Patrick Swim up to Fredericton, to meet the heads of Rogers Communications and the wheels are in motion to fulfill Jimmy's 20 Year Dream! 

Click here for more on that Tale - in the November Blog Post.

After the meeting with Opportunities New Brunswick and the Ministers, we ended up visiting Premier Gallants office and gifted one of our I <# Maple Leaf Lobster Hoodies. Hopefully he wears it to the gym!!! We will be gifting another SWAG Bag next year 2016 for sure.  

The office staff assuredly enjoyed a taste of their own NB lobster! The half dozen "freshly cooked in ocean water" samples that we took along, to Government house, were straight from beautiful Alma. A GREAT quality, "live export" lobster from that Fall season. 

Although currently operates in Nova Scotia, we have been experiencing first hand, a certain entrepreneurial support system that is in place. Past, present and for the future. At the end of our most recent travels and dealings, it entices us to have set a goal... To have 2 offices in New Brunswick by the years end, 2016!

Stay tuned! Stay the course! is Today! and thanks ever so much to all in the Province of New Brunswick!   

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