Lobster.ca global tourism marketing

WE ask you this.... WHAT BETTER lobster, seafood and tourism marketing for Atlantic Canada? 

Shipping Containers as pictured - Transport Trailer Trucks (any vehicle for that matter) to billboards locally and worldwide. You WILL see...

Take note of the TEXT I LOVE LOBSTER TO WIN 902.329.CLAW along with the ENTER # TO WIN. 

The common advertisement on a billboard is a nanosecond "IMPRESSION" to the viewer and nothing more than that. Our concept is provoking thought and "action". This is by all rights, revolutionary marketing.

People see the opportunity, visit Lobster.ca and most importantly, learn how to handle and prepare lobster. The mandate is that they folks around the world will enter their information and we create a dialogue and relationship with our social network. In turn, convert that impression into people visiting Atlantic Canada. 

Over 1500 truckloads of lobsters are driven down the eastern seaboard! 

Over 1500 truckloads of lobsters are driven down the eastern seaboard! 

In turn, this offers Atlantic Canada. In the Lobster.ca BIG p[picture, all of Canada, a return on investment for advertising. As a result of people entering their data. NOW we have the opportunity to build a rapport, a relationship and keep the avenues of communication open to "eventually" if not immediately, convert that lobster and that impression into a family coming to our parts and spending their hard earned dollars on our products and services. 

Iconic, inspiring, thought provoking, fun, interactive.