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An 8 year plan going into year 3

Patrick J. Swim - 2002

Patrick J. Swim - 2002

Two key quotes that his late Father Mac Swim left him with,(Founding Father of Clearwater and The LobsterMan Granville Island, Vancouver). "There's always my side... Your side... And the Truth in the Middle", "Use your wildest imagination" and "the devil is in the details".

Most commonly referred to simply as, "Swimmer". A 44 year old father of 3 and Serial Entrepreneur. Best described as Atlantic Canada's progressive "Lobsterpreneur" with his legacy and roots steeped in the fishery, on the southern most tip of Nova Scotia, Cape Sable Island. What is trademarked as being The Lobster Capital of Canada, he calls, the Lobster Capital of the Universe. 

Swimmer is a bit of an artist, "idea guy", instigator and a visionary, with an innate ability to forecast future future trends. When he was 18 years old he started out on Mothers Day weekend selling live and cooked Canner lobsters at the Irving station on Quinpool Rd in Halifax. Patrick sold 1000lbs in 4.5 hours and ran back to Pictou for more. He built up momentum to to rally his brothers into a partnership and Father "back into the lobster business" from his Clearwater days. They started Swims Canada Inc. and by the time Swimmer hit 26, the family was employing +30 staff, had a 400,000lb live lobster holding facility at Pier 9 on the Halifax waterfront, exporting over 4.5 million pounds of lobsters by air freight doing over $26M annual sales. Pioneering live lobster distribution throughout Europe, Asia and North America, Swims were the first to put lobsters through FedEx Canada and shipping "Shore to Door in 24". 

Swims dissolved amicably in early 2001, selling the business and the brothers sought different vocations, unfortunately, Mac Swim passed-on in 2002. Patrick continued on with the lobster passion, has been a broker, salesman, publisher, restauranteur, an event promoter bringing together 1000's and stayed the course, grabbing life by the claws. With a passion for seafood and most significantly, Canadian Atlantic Lobster (Swims Quality ~ "Since 1896") to which he has devoted over 25 years "hands on". Patrick has been marketing, promoting and sharing the magic of the North Atlantic's prized delicacy, King of Seafood with genuine Maritime hospitality. His broad vision and goal for a legacy is to protect the resource and way of life, throughout our coastal communities.  

He has worked the "trap to table" process along with the over 30,000 industry participants that take part in the annual harvest and distribution of now over 160,000,000lbs. He has most significantly "paid his dues" with years of working the process of grading, packing, cooking/processing, shipping and retailing both seafood and lobster.  

Patrick has traveled the world extensively, "on the other end" in the away markets from where much of the industry has not and always on "lobster business". Either opening doors to new customers and arranging shipments, or, all too often collecting payment of overdue accounts. As his father always said "It's easy to sell them, it's not always easy getting paid, welcome to the lobster business". He feels, he's been working hard, diligently and methodically on behalf of the fishing families and lobster companies both in good faith and with good will. Essentially it is as though he has been working to the best of his ability and it has paid off to try, make errors, learn, and now knows how to take on the monumental undertakings he's set before him. That is, to make a massive impact on Canada's east coast and for that, he's earned some trust and respect of many in the industry throughout Atlantic Canada. 

Patrick has been an advocate and catalyst for the overall improvement of the industries unity, the process with traceability, sustainability and the lessoning of the environmental impact. He has fought to define a brand and done excessive Canadian lobster promotion through utilization of social media, viral, jugular and gorilla marketing. On a whim in 2010 he started Canadian Atlantic Lobster on Facebook that has grown to over 11,000 followers, collectively over 15,000 social media followers. CAL has reached as high as 288,000 views on a SINGLE POST and has had well over 500,000 views of his various lobster promotion video's on YouTube and Vimeo.

Patrick Federally incorporated CAL, Canadian Atlantic Lobster, Inc in April 2012, utilizing the world class domain and brand of Lobsters.ca. The Federally incorporated company was set up on the basis of being "a business based on the cooperative model", to be for, and with the industry. "Everyone is welcome to look at getting a seat at the table", he says. 

CAL's initial mandate was to be a catalyst for a higher price paid to the fisherman at the wharf and a higher profit margin kept in Atlantic Canada. Now, from $3.25/lb. paid in 2013 to 2016 with a range of +$5.50/lb. up to $10.00/lb. Evidently "for every action, there is a reaction" and a partial result of Swim's "call to action" with groups of Fishers before and during a time, when fisherman were tying up their boats on strike. CLICK HERE to watch strike video / a piece of LobsterLand Ongoing Documentary

As home computers and handheld devices were creating awareness globally through as CAL, email blasts to 10's of 1000's of email addresses and followers on social media (global importers, wholesalers, restaurant and retailers). The world heard that North American lobsters were cheap, and we witnessed a shift of supply and demand. As Patrick exclaimed and predicted. This was perhaps eventual, but Swim is recognized for having sped things up significantly. Not bad for a guy that has kept a relatively low profile. 

Mission Statement: As THE Social Media Voice with THE world class domain and THE brand, we PUSH Atlantic Canadian Export and PULL Tourism revenues by being a catalyst for the development and promotion of Canadian Atlantic Lobster.

We are your Canadian Atlantic Lobster, Inc. A business based on the cooperative model. 

Generations of Entrepeneur's and Fisherman, always with tenacity, good will, faith, ingenuity, determination, imagination and humour.

A guy that's always had fun, intertwined in the elements of an industry that to be quite honest, has not always been, that much fun. 

A guy that's always had fun, intertwined in the elements of an industry that to be quite honest, has not always been, that much fun. 

The Fisherman should throw a F@$#ing parade down Main Street for you
— 2 Lobster Dealers on separate occasions 2015

Piccadilly Circus, London England. Patrick first met his wife Malgorzata "Maggie" around the corner @ Starbucks. Malcolm, Nina and the Lobster.ca dream grew from there.