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Our now Prime Minister in July 2009

Our now Prime Minister in July 2009

we've chopped the bait. It's time that we start to do some fishin'

We hope this finds you well. Essentially, we have solicited support from both Government and the Private Sector. Neither Rome, nor The Bluenose was built in a day.

We have a system-overload and are gaining momentum towards Banding & Branding Together our industry. Success is eminent, and we are excited to unveil an entirely new Lobster.ca to Atlantic Canadians and the world!

This is a seafood and tourism marketing initiative like no other. We do urge you to take the time and read our entire Blog featuring over 45 Posts.

To date, we have had meetings, shared lobsters and solidified some plans with Government Officials, but to be perfectly honest, we have limited time. We are simply unable to send or deliver more samples, schedule phone calls, travel and have meetings in the 5 lobster fishing provinces - the time is now.

In turn, this post is targeting the powers that be, whom need to see what we have done, and have "in the hopper". Herein, it is all done in a swift manner, and this mission will be accomplished. 

One thing that we wish to clarify. Our intent is that each of the 42 Districts/LFA's (Lobster Fishing Areas) will have a "microsite" and feature a short video. Future Pin Codes will be the LFA's i.e.: #LFA19 featuring the Quebec fleur de lis logo/brand on one side of the band and Lobster.ca on the other side. This will take viewers to the microsite and video that showcases those people, the fishery, beautiful coastal community and mouthwatering lobster being cracked open. In turn, inviting the world to visit, inevitably boosting their economy!

Take note that, ie"ENTER CLAW BAND #LFA19 on Lobster.ca TO WIN" will be mentioned in print, online media to television and radio news. Also, on decals to trucks and billboards locally and abroad (not just on the Claw Bands). 

Go to Lobster.ca now and Enter #164 at the top of the page. Follow the instructions, and let us know what you think!

NOW FOR THE MARKETING PIÈCE DE RÉSISTANCE. A "Tangible" Return on investment

In essence, this is what we refer to as... “Tangible ROI Marketing” and we are welcome to your contributions, whatever they may be
— Lobster.ca

1. As we have 1000's of industry emails already, in future, every lobster boat in LFA19 will have an email i.e.: you@lobster.ca (and in all likelihood a family member is already following us on Facebook.com/CanadianLobster). When a consumer enters their Name, Phone, Email, Country and Town/Village on the microsite form, our software will automatically send them both a text and email notification. On top of that, we will manually search and add them as a Friend on Facebook and say Hello.

2. We will also send an email to each of our Lobster Fishing Member/Parters in LFA19 (businesses and fishing families) with a link to the Facebook Page of the individual who entered to win. Encouraging our Members/Partners to add that person to Facebook / Twitter / Instagram etc. and open the dialogue saying for example; "hello, thanks for entering on Lobster.ca and we hope that you win a trip to come and visit us! If you do, let us know and we would love to meet you!. Do keep in touch! and perhaps one day we will meet."

3. The result, a lifetime network of friends throughout LFA19 spanning the globe. Thus, cultivating personal relationships, seeing, liking and sharing one another's posts and at the very least, having a lifetime friend that makes mention of where their lobster came from and the unique results that it awarded.  



Dominic LeBlanc MP - Minister of Fisheries and Oceans Canada Min@dfo-mpo.gc.ca(613) 993-0999

Rick Doucette - New Brunswick Minister of Agriculture, Aquaculture and Fisheries rick.doucet@gnb.ca  (506) 755-4200

Pierre Paradis - Quebec Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food ministre@mapaq.gouv.qc.ca  (418) 380-2525

Steve Crocker - Newfoundland Minister of Fisheries and Aquaculture LisaHarnum@gov.nl.ca   (709) 596-8194

Alan McIsaac - Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries PEI
jamcisaac@gov.pe.ca  (902) 368-4820

Keith Colwell - Nova Scotia Minister Fisheries and Aquaculture
min_dag@gov.ns.ca  (902) 424-4388

Our Premiers

Wade MacLauchlan - Premier of Prince Edward Island 
premier@gov.pe.ca  (902) 368-4400

Philippe Couillard - Premier of Quebec  
premier@gouv.qc.ca  (418) 643-5321 

Lobster.ca will be online, the domain and brand for generations to come.

Lobster.ca will be online, the domain and brand for generations to come.

Stephen McNeil - Premier of Nova Scotia
premier@novascotia.ca  (902) 424-6600

Brian Gallant - Premier of New Brunswick 
premier@gnb.ca  (506) 453-2144

Dwight Ball - Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador
premier@gov.nl.ca  (709) 729-3570


Michele Saran - CEO Tourism Nova Scotia
michele.saran@novascotia.ca  (902) 798-6700