walking the walk...

We're not writing the story, The story is writing itself. 

We are the Social Media Voice... We are the Domain and Brand. A business based on the cooperative model, having Federally incorporated Canadian Atlantic Lobster, Inc in April 2012.

We have partnered, and have a range of stakeholder investors including VC's, Fisherman, Restaurants, Retailers to Lobster Dealers, Processors and Exporters. To date, we have fought independently aboard our ship, that we see and treat as a land based vessel. The Fisherman and plant workers, work hard and 18 hour days at high peak season. We work 52 weeks of the year with the engine running 24/7. Captained by a forwarding thinking young man, that has put his life's blood, sweat and tears into creating an economic upswing in Atlantic Canada. Simply by sharing the magic of a lobster dinner and inviting the world to come visit. 

Not many remember that BBQ they had 10 years ago. Everyone remembers it, if there was lobster served.
— Swim

$20M for lobster industry promised by Conservatives - September 10, 2015

Spread over three years, the lobster industry investment would be split into $15 million for marketing and promotion and $5 million for research to inform decisions on fishing seasons, licences and harvesting.

1. See the lobster. 2. See its Canadian. 3. Remember the domain forever 4. How to and where to. Simple 

Our highest "organic" reach was 278,784 Views of a single post!

Our highest "organic" reach was 278,784 Views of a single post!