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Our collection ranges from animated clips, how-to's, announcements, documentary trailers, conceptual videos and more.

Burger & Lobster Teaser and a Drone Concept Video featured here. What DOES the future hold for lobster distribution? 

Take it from Jack. He knows... Canadian Lobster is known as Maine or Boston Lobster. Even on the import documentation in China! 

It's pretty simple. PUSH lobster and PULL tourism. Richard casually explains the mandate of

Imagine the impact of doing this in a London Tube. It's ROI marketing as we are giving value! 

This the the concept. The best possible marketing for PEI or all of Canada... People saying to themselves "I LOVE CANADIAN LOBSTER". 

A London Train Station Billboard Concept. 


So far we have signs in Indian Harbour, Dover, Port Mouton, Barrington and Yarmouth... More coming! Globally! 

We see blank Containers travelling the world and see opportunity! 

The Cannes Film Festival Billboard Concept. 

There's Crab and Shrimp but No Lobster Emoji! created this video to join our Lobster Brother Luke Holden in Maine and got the petition up over 5000. The more the merrier - please link here and sign! 

Truck Billboard Opportunity. Enter #1688 representing the number of boats on the south shore of Nova Scotia. 

This is a great song by Owen & Jerry of Pubnico, Nova Scotia Buoy Lines like #Thicke Blurred Lines with I HEART MAPLE LEAF LOBSTER. 

The Bearded Skipper believes ALL fisherman on Canada's East Coast should Band Together. Here's him saying so. 

This is a start for the PEI Enter #1285 "Greeting Video". We are showing consumers who come to the microsite a little bit of the industry, Tourism highlights on PEI and how to get the meat out of the lobster. 

As of Dumping Day, the Brazil Rock Lobster Association has over 507 members. Richard here, casually tells what it is all about and the goal is all 1688. Is it possible? We think so! is a catalyst for getting things done. We encourage networking and communication between lobster fishing families, industry participants, wholesalers, restaurants and retailers to Government and the general public, both locally and abroad.
— is AMAZING and this video shows the concept with information about the product, fishery and protected resource. 

We got Jimmy Flynn on Global News to talk LobsterLand and Worlds Biggest Lobster Party. "Think outside the crate" or as if there is no crate! Lobster Party Halifax 2018 and Toronto 2019! 

Overview of the issues facing the lobster fishing industry in Atlantic Canada during the period of 2012-2013. Interviewing fishermen and those involved helped lay out a positive path for the future of and CAL, Inc. Shot by & edited by Brad Rivers.

An animated short all about and our mission to bring Canadian Atlantic lobster to as many people as possible! Thanks go to (the former) Egg Studios Team and Mike Hackey for the fantastic video production.

Harnessing the full potential of ever expanding international markets for lobster is no easy task. We want to help ensure Canadians get the best value out of our prime natural resource. Together we can bring lobster to millions more every year!

A look into the life of Captain Andy Saulnier. We are currently seeking interested fishermen and businesses in Atlantic Canada to be featured in a new series of LobsterLand profile videos. We are 110% focused on lobster and want to help you show the world what it takes to bring it to them. 

OVER 50,000 VIEWS! If I caught a million Lobster. Celebrating Canadian Atlantic Lobster with the Worlds Biggest Lobster Party Canada Day 150 - 2017! Join us

Jim Beals is a well seasoned Lobsterpreneur. He has been a advocate for CAL & and realizes the impact that we have made globally as The Social Media Voice, reaching millions upon millions.   

Lobster fishermen strike on Prince Edward Island, Canada during May of 2013. Recorded on site by's Flow Productions of the time. 

Dumping Day 2012. The birth of the ongoing LobsterLand Documentary. Shot and edited by Brad Rivers, We launched from the Tusket Islands with Captain Lucien Leblanc at the helm. Lucien had a record day! Over 10,000lbs of The Best Food On Earth! 

For Capital Seafoods / Zhangzidao. a collaborative effort with CAL,Inc, John Nickerson, Captain Chester and the Crew and woven together by Mike Hachey & Egg Studios in Halifax.. This was further edited in China with Chinese Subtitles for the 6000 employees of Zhangzidao and their customers. Enjoy the short documentary style video showing the lobster fishing effort in Nova Scotia. 

Official Trailer for LOBSTERLAND by Flow Productions. Please show your support for this crowd-funded documentary showcasing the highs and the lows of the Atlantic Canadian lobster industry.